App-V Ping tool available

A tool called the “App-V Ping tool” is available as a free download at Look for the Immidio Resourse Kit if you can’t find it. The tool can be used to check if an Microsoft Application Virtualization Management and/or Streaming server is available from a Client-Side perspective.

For example, with use of a startup script, which runs on the client device, you can use this tool to check if the nearest by and configuredĀ App-V Streaming Server is available and responding properly and if not point the App-V Client to another, maybe central App-V Management or Streaming Server. The tool does not only check if the RTSP port 554 is still alive, but even if it is still really accepting RTSP streaming requests.

The company Immidio was spun off from Login Consultants in order to provide software products to enterprise customers with requirements that go beyond free and unsupported tools. Immidio’s mission is providing state-of-the-art software products to manage application delivery and virtualization in IT environments.