Microsoft Office sequencing recipes

Coming back from a holiday I found that there were several good App-V related articles released.

First there is a Microsoft Office 2007 Sequencing recipe on the App-V blog which is also available as a (doc) download.

When you have sequenced Microsoft Office 2007 be sure to check out this recipe how to upgrade to Office 2007 SP1. This article is based on the sequence created with the recipe above, but it should also work if you’ve created your own.

If you’re not ready to sequence Office 2007 (yet) you can go ahead and sequence Office 2003 through this recipe. Although based on Microsoft Excel you can use it for the other applications as well.

And if you want to set up a complete environment based on Windows Server 2008, SQL 2008 and App-V, be sure to check out Justins post on Virtual World.

- Wow - great stuff!