Login Consultants launches ACDC for App-V 5

Back in February 2009 I released the first version of what later appeared to be a very popular tool for managing App-V client: App-V Client Diagnostic and Configuration tool (ACDC). In fact it became one of the most (if not THE most) downloaded tool from the Login Consultants website. Originally developed to help me overcome some the discomforts in managing the App-V client, it quickly became popular with many of you App-V admins or user out there. Never could I have imagine that it would bring some much fame (ahum) and even rockstar like situations that years after the initial release people want to take pictures with me thousands of miles from home.

Up till now ACDC 1 did not support the App-V 5 client and I had many questions about this over the last period. Under the cover one of my colleagues Volker Kleiner (@vkleinerd) was already working on a new release that some of you may have seen me demo or even have worked with (after a proper amount of bribe money…)

Today I proudly present you the release of ACDC 2 with full support of App-V 5!

It has much of the functionality of the original product and hopefully it will become just as popular as the original edition. More info on functionality can be found here.

Be sure to report any issues, bugs or suggestion to our forum section here.