2nd European App-V user group 2013 Feb 8th 2013 Amsterdam

Login Consultants proudly presents the 2nd European App-V User Group Conference, which will take place on February 8th 2013 at Microsoft Netherlands HQ in Amsterdam!

The first edition of the European App-V User Group in 2011, was a great success also due the overwhelming number of attendants. Over 100 people from 14 different countries took part in the event. In the 2013 edition we create a similar experience.

The initiative is focused on bringing people from the App-V community together to learn about Microsoft App-V from the experts and share experiences and knowledge with each other. The events is sponsored by Login Consultants, but is free from commercial messaging and gives an independent insight in the Microsoft App-V market.

There is a large number of App-V MVP’s at the conference presenting on interesting topics. MVP’s Falko Gräfe, Nicke Källén, Ment van der Plas, Ruben Spruijt, Jurjen van Leeuwen, Kalle Saunamäki and Rodney Medina have confirmed their attendance. Additionally also people from the Microsoft support team will be present. Click here for speakers info.

The App-V User Group Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about Microsoft App-V 5.0 from our presenters. Take a look at the agenda for all topics.

If you would like to participate, please register on the website. The number of available seats is limited, so register in time.