Login Consultants releases App-V 4.5 Add-on ADM v1.0

As you might know Microsoft released an Administrative Template for the App-V 4.5 Client which can be downloaded here. And documentation can be found here. This ADM can be used to manage numerous App-V 4.5 Client settings from Group Policies within Active Directory.

We have had the request from multiple customers about managing some additional App-V 4.5 Client settings which are not available in the ADM file described above. Ruben Koene from Login Consultants decided to make the App-V 4.5 Add-on ADM. This template is supplementary to the Microsoft App-V 4.5 ADM Template.

Settings managed from the Add-on ADM, amongst others, are:

  • Managing the virtual drive letter
  • Managing the client’s refresh settings (point to management server)
  • Cache location and size

You can download it from the Login Consultants website (registration required).