App-V 5 hotfix package 4 released

Microsoft just released hotfix package 4 for App-V 5 SP2.

Major changes consist of the following:

  • Major improvements on application publishing performance and launch performance, specifically focussed on RDS and stateless VDI scenarios.
  • Overwrite file ACL’s in the virtual environment.
  • Sequencer: Save as new package.
  • Some package conversion bugfixes and improved succes rates and detection.

This hotfix seems mandatory to me if you are using App-V 5, especially in a RDS or stateless VDI scenario.

Download and details: Hotfix package 4 for App-V 5 SP2

Additionally a new piece of documentation called “Performance Guidance for App-V 5″ has been made available as well.

I suggest everyone working with App-V 5 reads this.