immidio releases Flex Profiles Self-Support tool

Immidio just released this new tool for download which adds yet even more functionality to Immidio Flex Profiles. This just shows we are continuing our efforts in creating the ultimate User State Virtualization solution based on the input we get from our customers which we work with very closely. 

From a support perspective it was already possible to reset or restore settings for specific applications that are managed by Immidio Flex Profiles. This, however, was manual work for a system administrator or support personnel. By providing Immidio Flex Profiles Self-Support to your users, they are capable to do this themselves without intervention of the IT department. 

Using the Immidio Flex Profiles Self-Support functionality within your organization decreases overhead for the IT department and makes users depend less on the support department. Immidio Flex Profiles Self-Support is a free component which can only be used in conjunction with Immidio Flex Profiles 7. The user interface is available in English, German and Dutch.

The Self-Support functionality also works for App-V enabled applications which you have integrated with Flex Profiles.

For more information and download, go to: