App-V 4.6 Shared Cache (aka Read-Only Cache) for VDI environments

One of the new features of App-V 4.6 is the ability to share a pre-populated cache amongst multiple virtual desktops running in a VDI environment. Since running App-V in the traditional way, meaning streaming each application on-demand to each user into each VM, can cause some I/O overhead depending on the architecture of the VDI infrastructure, this could be a useful feature to use.

Since a lot of people are looking for the details on how to implement this feature I will point you into the right direction.

To begin with, First Justin Zarb has posted an article about this on his Blog. Which you can find here.

The official document that describes this feature can be found on this Microsoft Technet page.

Off-topic: Two new freeware tools from Immidio

A bit off-topic, but might be useful for some of you. Immidio also has some freeware tools available from the Immidio website. Recently two were added:

  • ActiveApp Scanner - Monitor which applications are actually used during a user’s Windows session and collect information about the user environment, like keyboard, regional settings, network mappings and connected printers.
  • Virtual Battery Indicator - Displays the battery level of your local laptop battery inside a Remote Desktop session, and provides a warning when the level drops below a certain value.

Download from