Support for .NET in Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 (App-V)

An article has come to my attention recently (whilst being available for some time) which addresses some issues in how to make the .NET framework available in conjunction with virtual applications.

Microsoft has made several architectural changes in the implementation of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.5 to ensure that the product is aligned with our roadmap for future innovation. One such change entailed moving the API intercepts from kernel mode into user mode. This change had a side-effect of changing the App-V compatibility with the .NET Framework from previous versions of App-V.

App-V 4.5 continues to be fully compatible with .NET applications. The change in compatibility only manifests itself with the .NET Framework.

This table summarizes the requirements for .NET support in APP-V 4.5.


Read more at source.

Microsoft Technet Forums move

As you might have noticed the Microsoft Technet Forum is undergoing a migration:

Microsoft has created a new forums platform (MSDN | TechNet | Expression | Microsoft) with increased performance, stability, and an improved user experience. During the week of 12/8 this forum will be moving to the new platform. To make sure this is a smooth transition, we want everyone using this forum to have a chance to try out the new forums in advance, and give feedback. We’ve created a Sandbox forum, where you can create threads and try out functionality, and a suggestions forum where you can give us your feedback. Please take some time to go to the new forums today and let us know what you think.

On the day the forum moves to the new platform, a post will be made letting you know the process has been started, and the forum will be locked to new posts. Once the process is complete, a final post to the forum will be made letting you know the forum has moved.

  1. All posts in the forum will be preserved
  2. Any points you’ve received for replies will move with you (on a per forum basis)
  3. Any bookmarks to this forum or threads within this forum will redirect to their new location
  4. Your “My Threads” will be preserved on the new platform

The only thing you’ll need to do after migration is set Windows Live Alerts for any threads you were tracking.

Here are the new locations of the App-V forums so you can update your favorites and rss feeds: