SoftGrid 4.5 Public Beta available

With the release of this Public Beta the product has also be renamed to simply “Microsoft Application Virtualization”. 

The Public Beta can be obtained from Microsoft Connect. 

New features in version 4.5 includes (amongst others): 

• A new Lightweight Streaming Server. 

• Various SoftGrid Client enhancements, like autoload features. 

• Sequencer generated MSI’s. Deploy Virtual Apps without a streaming server. 

• Dynamic Suiting. Bubble to bubble communication. Limited but more on this later. Stay tuned. 

The new product name (without using the SoftGrid part in it) could be confusing for customers. Also this current Beta version still shows the old SoftGrid name in all the setup screens and various management consoles. 

The coming weeks we will post information about how to use the new features and what they are worth for you.