SoftGrid Migration Tool v1.0 Released!

It has been a while since a beta of our SoftGrid Migration Tool (SGMT) was released to the public. A new layout and some new features later, version 1.0 of the tool is released. 

About the SoftGrid Migration Tool

The primary goal of our SoftGrid Migration Tool was to help companies, that have already put a lot of time and effort into (re-)packaging their applications for conventional software distribution systems, migrate to the Microsoft SoftGrid platform. It was not intended as a sequencer replacement. When tuning or customization is needed, the graphical sequencer is your tool. 

Using the command-line sequencer, the SoftGrid Migration Tool is able to ‘convert’ existing packages to SoftGrid sequences with a minimal amount of human intervention while keeping the sequencing best practices like the 8.3 naming convention in mind. This can tremendously speed up the adaptation of Microsoft SoftGrid within an organization. 

Because the SoftGrid Migration Tool is based on the command-line sequencer, the same limitations apply. This means compression and feature block 2 are not supported at this point.

What’s new?

As stated before, the layout of the tool has been changed. It is now wizard driven and more intuitive to use. The following features have been added:

• Allow local interaction option.

• Terminate children option.

• Disable virtual services option.

• Add one or more custom shortcuts while sequencing.

• Load/Save a project for future reference.

• Create your own default setting using the GUI.

The new features will be explained in more detail in the admin guide.

Download here